Abstract Reality

Interactive Installation | 2017
Presented at 2017 SIGGRAPH Asia - Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Abstract Reality is an interactive installation that creates 3D geometric art as an abstract expression of physical human bodies. The application takes viewers physical features and their relation to the physical space as inputs to generate and place basic geometric forms in a virtual 3D space. Each geometric shape, virtual position and orientation, and color are affected by individual viewer’s physical positions, movements, and dominant colors. The overall structure of the geometric shapes are controlled by a modified Voronoi diagram, a computational geometric algorithm, to explore novel aesthetics.

The application constantly generates new forms in the virtual space once the camera captures the existence of new audience. The construction stops at a point when no new audience is detected. Then the application starts to analyze the sculpture to find the best angle for a screenshot. The rules of choosing the best angle are learned based on paintings from Kazimir Malevich, Laszlo Moholy_Nagy, etc, as they were recognized masters in such domain.

The idea behind the application is to connect human’s body and mind through indirect coordination. Inspired by Suprematism, which creates a world of only true reality, Abstract Reality project the physical world into a virtual world, where the contents are denoised and human-centered.

More information can be found from SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 official website: https://sa2017.siggraph.org/attendees/art-gallery?view=event&eid=99