Selected Data Visulizations

Forgotten Books

Forgotten Books is an interactive 2D data visualization exploring hidden information in Seattle Public Library. After the initial search at checking out records for past ten years in the library, I've noticed that a great amount of books were checked out at the year of 1970, which should be caused by a sort of system error. This data visualization displays the books checked out at 1970 and categories them via Dewey Decimal Classification System. By studying the visualization, we can have a general idea of what those books are and their relationships with each other.


Countries is an interactive 3D data visualization representing checking out books in Seattle Public Library from 2006 to 2016 that containing any of the following countries' names: America, China, Germany, India, Korea, and Mexico. The visual representation inherited the idea of 2D arc diagram and extended to 3D. One of the core issues in data visualization is to find efficient ways to present high dimensional data in a low dimensional space, namely 2D or 3D. This visualization tries to project 7 dimensional data in a 3D space. Detailed explanation of the visualization will come soon.

Instagram Map

Instagram Map is an interactive 2D data visualization working with live meta data provided by Instagram APIs. Taking any given word as input, the application can geometrically register the most 50 recent uploaded images, which were tagged by the given word, on a 2D global map. A texts analysis is also performed to filter out the 50 most popular tags among the images and list them from top to bottom according to their popularity. The application also allows a zoom-in function that users can examine closely if too many images overlap in one area.